Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Funny Side Note

When I was a little kid, my mother always told me to wear a hat in the winter time. I feel like this is normal in the US to have the greatest concern for keeping one's head warm. Well, in France, they are mostly concerned with the neck. People from the US think it's just the trendy Frenchie way to always be sporting chic scarves, but actually, it is because they don't want their necks to get cold.
Last week, I mentioned to Caroline that I had a bit of a sore throat. When she was saying goodnight to me, she reminded me to wear a scarf to bed. When I was younger, I was never allowed to sleep with anything around my neck, and especially not a scarf. But while I am here, I will be careful about my neck.
Also, as she was opening the door one day to the outside cold air, she said "Watch your neck!" She meant, "Make sure you keep your neck warm as this blast of not so cold Mediterranean air hits it." It can be quite alarming to hear "Watch your neck!" What is this? Phantom of the Opera? Do I have to keep my hand at the level of my eye so the Phantom can't surprise attack from behind and strangle me?
Guess I need to buy more cute scarves... Quel dommage!


  1. Just don't wear your scarf if you decide to ride an open motor car. See the bio of the famed dancer Isadora Duncan.