Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Caroline Story

Caroline loves to tango. The people in Montpellier seem to love the Latin flavor because there are salsa nights and tango schools all over the place. Not to mention, I've met a remarkable number of Argentinians here. Je ne get it pas, but I like it. Because of this love of the Latino lifestyle, Caroline has a number of tango engagements every week. Claude is not so into it, so she has other dance partners.
3 Sundays ago on the 24th, she wanted me to accompany her to a tango party so that I could see why she loved it. She was super excited and taught me some moves in the living room.
Caroline does not drink caffeinated beverages because of her insomnia, but she takes a decaf coffee after lunch. Claude, the rascal, slipped her a regular coffee that day, so Caroline was SUPER excited to go boogie. She was so zippy, we even forged a parking space halfway onto the curb. The car rested at about a 30 degree angle. C'est pas grave.
The tango party was really fun to watch. I did not want to participate because these people were good. Even the 86 year old woman with the bright red ponytail was quick footed. The show was hosted by a buxom Argentinian woman named Maria (what else). Maria is a big woman. I do not mean this in a bad way. If I did, I would say she's a big gurl. She was probably about 6'2" and had a massive chest. She wore a floor length gown that had black lace sleeves. The sleeves met at the neck to form a choker around her neck. The bodice was a red corset with black lace overlay and the back of the dress went down to about mid-back. Maria knew how to get the crowd moving and even belted out a few tunes in her alto voice.
It was really interesting to see a different part of Montpellier and to see Caroline passionate about dancing. But really, seeing Caroline passionate about something is not a rare occasion.

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