Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The French view of Catholicism matches my view of horoscopes. If my horoscope tells me that I’ll have an excellent day, I believe it. If it tells me something negative, I don’t believe it at all. In fact I will then knock horoscopes as cockamamie bullshit. When Catholic traditions are festive and fun, Frenchies keep them. Other than that, most French are Catholic only if and when it is convenient. For example, the French celebrate today, Mardi Gras (Carnaval, even though Mardi and Gras are French words), but they forget about Ash Wednesday.

Also, I bought an agenda planner here, and they list which Saint’s Feast Day it is for every single day. Yesterday (the 15th) was Fête Saint Claude. Caroline bought Claude his fav beer to celebrate.

Well, I’d better get 2 days:

24 july- Saint Christina

23 august- Saint Rose

And I’d better get beer…


  1. We'll buy you a beer when we get to France.

  2. PS: Patron Saints of France: St. Denis (Paris), Jean d'Arc, Louis IX, Martin of Tours (my patron), Michael, Remigius, and Thérèse de Lisieux. Unfortunately, you won't be in France for any of their feast days.