Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Foods the French Ef Up

Ok, So I've written a lot about how much I like food. I eat well here, obviously, but I eat well at home too. There are some foods that the frenchies try to make that just don't turn out well at all.
PIZZA- Pizza can only be SO bad, right? The French just don't get the concept. They love thin crust, which is fine by me, but they really screw up the toppings. Goat cheese does not belong on a pizza! Neither does kebab meat. I can't do it!
HOT DOGS- The frenchies don't really eat hot dogs, and I must say, I don't really either. They don't do buns here. Everything they make, they serve on a baguette. I love the bread here, but a hot dog in a hollowed out baguette is just awkward.
MEXICAN FOOD- They just plain don't have it. They have a small section of El Paso brand in the supermarkets and they call any attempt at Mexican food "tex-mex", but it just doesn't work out. Caroline didn't even know what a burrito was. I tried to explain by saying "un sandwich tex-mex." She looked at me a nodded, pretending to get it. Could you even imagine what would happen if they really tried though. Burrito Baguettes. Blech. What a sad sad world, without Mexican food!
MEAT- They don't like "well-done".
So as you can see, the list is short and all junk food. One American thing the French do better is Coke. At home I am a Diet Coke addict. Here, I switched to regular because it is SO good.


  1. The European recipe may have sugar (sucrose) instead of corn syrup. Sugar tastes better.

  2. PS: I must say that our experience in the snowbound train convinced me that the French versions of cheap canned meats and cold cuts make ours taste delicious by comparison. Give me Spam or Bumblebee Tuna any day over the cat food and bizarre luncheon meat we had. Even a decent baguette couldn't make the latter appealing.

  3. PPS: I am sure many would contest your lumping of Mexican food with "junk food".

  4. OK OK.... the kind of Mexican food I eat is NACHOS AND TACOS... the junk food of Mexican food. Like when I say Chinese food, I mean the fried stuff, not the other good stuff. KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

    And yes, it does have cane sugar, not CORN SUUUURRRRIUP